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Internet Search Toolbar Helps to Make Child Poverty History

WSI Consultants Promote Free Toolbar to Raise Worldwide Funds for Charity

Internet Search Toolbar Helps to Make Child Poverty History Mississauga, Canada, November 01, 2007 — Make Child Poverty History (MCPH), a global initiative to alleviate child poverty has become the direct beneficiary of a corporate partnership that will raise charity funds simply by encouraging Internet users searching online to use a free customized toolbar. WSI, the world’s leading provider of Internet Solutions to small and medium sized businesses has entered into a strategic partnership with BenefitBar LLC to support the MCPH initiative so that people all around the world can make a difference without spending a dime or making any extra effort. Through the vast network of over 1500 WSI Internet Consultants in 87 countries around the world, businesses and organizations will be offered a free, customized search toolbar powered by Yahoo! Search to promote their own website and support a charity of their choice.

Ron McArthur, president, WSI says, “WSI is a proud supporter of the Make Child Poverty History initiative and we seek to form partnerships with other organizations that want to give back to the community. In our partnership with BenefitBar LLC, we see the promise of a greater opportunity to change lives of children around the world by simply changing the way people search the Internet. As more companies and organizations get access to their own branded BenefitBar, more online users will be able to make a difference. Each time the toolbar is used by an online user to search for something on the Internet, a donation (could be as little as half a penny each time) is raised for a charity that supports the MCPH cause. The WSI-MCPH toolbar is already available for download to raise funds for MCPH.”
BenefitBar is a patent pending copyright protected Internet based technology keeping organizations in front of their Internet audience 24/7.The BenefitBar toolbar encompassing the organization’s logo is installed as part of the supporter’s Web browser, and it remains visible while he or she surfs the Web in a non-intrusive way. In addition to advertising revenue, both the search and e-commerce components, as well as potential donation, all offer ongoing fundraising and revenue generating opportunities.

Keith Grosz, president BenefitBar LLC says, “BenefitBar is a way of branding the Web browsers of a company’s audience with information from their website. More importantly, it is a way to generate revenue and raise dollars for charity through our partnership with Yahoo!. We are delighted to partner with WSI as it allows us to now promote our toolbar throughout the world via their vast network. WSI Internet Marketing Consultants help small and medium sized business owners globally with their e-business and Internet marketing efforts. Now at no charge these businesses can take their website to their audience and have it in front of them whenever they are on the Internet, all the while helping charitable institutions and fulfilling the mission of Make Child Poverty History.”

The BenefitBar toolbar will help navigate traffic to an organization’s website for additional potential revenue and value. Businesses can provide customers and prospects with up to date information on forthcoming events, entertaining links, news and information, advertisers and even allow purchase of merchandise through it. Once this concept catches on and multiplies throughout the WSI network, revenue will start to accumulate to support MCPH projects around the world. Setup costs and all support for creating a customized toolbar are covered by BenefitBar. There is no cost to the organization and no cost to the audience who downloads the custom BenefitBar/Toolbar. There is no spyware, adware or pop-ups and it is network-secure. The toolbar is available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

The WSI-BenefitBar partnership was announced at the WSI Annual Global Excellence and Innovation Conference in Orlando, Florida on October 1st 2007. WSI Consultants attending the conference in person and virtually over the Web were excited to hear about this unique partnership which allowed them a chance to generate revenue for MCPH “while they sleep”. Karen Sullivan-Correa, a WSI Consultant in Colombia expressed that, “Having operated and worked with charitable foundations for several years, I always wondered if there was a way to help common people make a difference in the world. How could everyone become part of a movement dedicated to abolishing poverty and feeding the starving children of the world today? I could hardly believe that this was made possible by WSI and BenefitBar simply changing the way people search the Internet! I am proud to be an agent of this change and will promote the free BenefitBar toolbar to all my clients so that all of us, together, can contribute to lifting hundreds of thousands of children out of abject poverty and giving them the right to food, shelter, education- the right to life!”

In conclusion, Ron McArthur says, “The goal of MCPH to help make child poverty history, one child, one village at a time, is now being extended online – one search, one click at a time. All we have to do is ensure that we spread the message around the world, that we slightly modify our behavior and inspire others to do the same.”
About Make Child Poverty History (MCPH): The Make Child Poverty History initiative began in 2004 as a corporate outreach program but has expanded to encompass individuals and organizations outside of the founding corporation, WSI. MCPH is not a charity but indeed a non-governmental organization that acts as a catalyst encouraging corporations to join the fight to make child poverty history. Collective support is funneled to those organizations that are best equipped to provide
campaign for the eradication of poverty. MCPH believes that if those of us who are more fortunate shared some of our wealth with others, in time, there would be no more need. “Ours is not a just world but we can strive to make it one – one child, one village at a time.”

About BenefitBar LLC: Established in 1996 by Founder, Keith Grosz, BenefitBar is the next generation in real time communication and fundraising. Its patent-pending and copyrighted business model makes use of an Internet toolbar and presents organizations that are either non-profit or for profit with a means for fundraising and generating revenue. In addition, BenefitBar provides a simple-to-use platform for regular and ongoing communication as well as a way to stay top of mind, enhance loyalty, and keep people connected in a non-intrusive and yet entertaining way. BenefitBar was created with the goal to exceed expectations when it comes to customer service and to utilize its business model that will help organizations raise needed dollars. BenefitBar also seeks to enhance communication with people that organizations care about.

About WSI – we simplify the Internet: With a network of over 1500 offices in 87 countries, WSI is the leading provider of Internet solutions to small and medium sized businesses the world over. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI provides affordable Internet related services and technologies that deliver maximum return on investment for businesses. With the support and cooperation of its customers, franchise network, employees, suppliers and charitable organizations, WSI aims to help make child poverty history through its global outreach program. For more information about WSI’s offerings and business opportunities, please visit www.wsiworld.com.