Joining the MCPH Movement

One of the fundamental elements of the MCPH movement is that it involves volunteers who share the vision of a world where no child is forced to live in poverty. Donations are not used to cover any administrative costs, and all work is done on a volunteer basis. This is because we are committed to funneling all money collected via MCPH campaigns to established aid/development organizations that have experience and infrastructure in place to make tangible, sustainable improvements around the world.

If you’re interested in contributing to the MCPH movements, please consider any of these great options below:

Contribute Today

It’s often easy to forget or take for granted the extraordinary abundance around us. While most of us wouldn’t consider our to be a utopian society, the reality is that for the majority of the world’s people, North America’s affluence and standard of living is far beyond the realm of many others’ dreams. If you have the means and would like to support children through a monetary contribution, you may do so in the following ways:

MCPH Campaigns:

The MCPH movement is everlasting. Check out our News & Events page to see the campaigns underway and any events we have lined up. If you would like to participate or donate to one of the campaigns currently underway, please contact the MCPH committee.

Matching Gift Programs:

Many organizations love the idea of a matching gift where employees contribute to a cause and the organization matches or often, even doubles the contribution. It could start with a simple garage sale or a craft exhibition or a bake sale in your office lunchroom. Encourage your management to match the funds raised in this manner or come up with more charitable donation gift ideas.

The White Band:

The White “MAKECHILDPOVERTYHISTORY.ORG” bands will represent a personal contribution to making child poverty history. Wear your band with pride show your commitment to saving the lives and futures of children worldwide. You’ll also be assisting the MCPH awareness building campaign; building upon the movement’s current network of supporters. To purchase a band(s) please contact the MCPH Committee today.

Build Awareness:

Awareness is key to this movement’s ability to fulfill our vision of making child poverty history. Armed with the right information, you can build awareness within your friendship/social groups and get even more people involved. Together we can make a difference!
We enthusiastically welcome any suggestions you may have for other ways to help make child poverty history! Get in touch with the MCPH committee or submit your feedback to [email protected].